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Browse our Free printable Digraph words and digraph spelling worksheets. You can download consonant digraphs worksheets pdf instantly to get fun-filled phonics activities for kids. kids learn about digraph phonics, new words, and digraph spellings and sound with a lot of practice with our digraph worksheets.

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Consonant digraphs are a pair of consecutive letters used to produce a single sound. Without understanding a digraph’s two letters combination and digraph sounds, it would be impossible for kids to read many new words. For instance, ‘p’ and ‘h’ together make ‘ph’, pronounced as ‘f’. .

Digraph words for kindergarten are not an easy task

Learning digraph spelling words could be initially difficult for small brains. So, sound phonics worksheets are available on various online platforms to facilitate easy learning in kids. You can download consonant digraphs worksheets pdf or free printable digraph worksheets to save time and instantly get fun-filled phonics activities for kids.

Why are digraph spelling activities essential for growing minds? 

Phonics sounds worksheets are a great source for good quality and knowledgeable writing practice in kindergartens. is a one-stop online platform that provides free digraph worksheets pdf for your child.

With digraph spelling worksheets, children learn new sounds in a play-way manner

Digraph spelling words with images help children grab the phonetic sound much faster than theoretical teaching. E.g., the ‘ch’ sound with chips image and the ‘sh’ sound with ship image help kids learn phonetic sounds faster. Digraph Worksheets pdf has such worksheets that make teaching kids much easier. 

Best online platform for free consonant digraph worksheets

There are many online platforms available on the internet that provide various types of digraphs consonant worksheets. But is one of the best websites that offer free digraph worksheets printable feature offers worksheets for digraphs that are related to digraph spelling activities. With the help of these word scramble worksheets, you can help your kids have fun while helping them develop their vocabulary skills with digraph words

Enhance kids’ communication skills

kids learn about digraph phonics, new words, and digraph spellings and sound with a lot of practice. With digraph worksheets printable from, instantly get phonics sounds worksheets that help innovatively learn phonics sounds.

Introduce the digraph phonics concept innovatively

The consonant digraphs worksheets pdf is an innovative and creative tool for children and teachers to develop language skills through phonics study and writing abilities.