Free Printable Number Tracing Worksheets

Check out our wide range of free printable number worksheets that are perfect for kids of preschool and kindergarten children. Each worksheet features multiple opportunities for students to trace and write the number. These simple number tracing worksheets also include simple pictures to color and count.

Recently Added Worksheets

Free printable number tracing worksheets! Hundreds of free letter tracing worksheets, number tracing worksheets, name tracing worksheets, shape tracing, picture tracing, line tracing and so more! These tracing worksheets build important prewriting skills that will prepare your preschool and kindergarten students for handwriting exercises in the years to come. Fine motors skills are developed by strengthening small motor muscles, and our free printable tracing worksheets will help build endurance and control.

These free number tracing printable worksheets are great for keeping the kids busy this season. A printable, traceable number worksheet is a great way to keep older kids busy practicing fun numbers skills while younger kids work on their fine motor skills. These printable number activities make great kindergarten worksheets too!

How do numbers tracing worksheets help?

Research has shown that for a strong and solid mathematical skills base, number recognition is the first and ultimate step. Our amazing worksheets will help children develop good pencil control and help them with their handwriting and number skills. Each worksheet will help children count objects, trace numbers correctly and finally write numbers themselves.

Kiddo worksheets can also be laminated so the children can practice their number formation over and over again until they are fully confident.

For younger children, we have made some more fun pencil control worksheets that will help kids write while improving their fine motor skills.

Numbers tracing and recognition is an important activity that children need to learn before they start learning basic math concepts like addition and subtraction. Help your students be the best in math’s with our lovely number formation worksheets.

At what age should a child be able to trace numbers?

The children are expected to start tracing numbers and letters by the age of 3 to 4. Children start with scribbling on the paper and slowly as their pencil control gets better their number and letter formation start getting better. Tracing worksheets are always great to give children that extra push to recognize numbers quickly. Once children know how to trace numbers 0 to 9 they can practically write any number.