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We have always heard the fact that the smell of books and printed hard copy material is enchanting. It can trigger anyone to start reading them.

Printing technology started centuries ago. Online learning and reading started decades ago, and this pandemic has scaled up the online ecosystem.

The argument between printed books and online books is an age-old one. 

There will be supporters of both printed books and online app books (eBooks). Because of this growing tech-savvy generation, every service provider digitizes its services to appeal to this vast community of digital consumers like parents, teachers, and students.

Because online digital worksheets are better prepared to give users an engaging learning and reading experience, schools and teaching organizations are increasingly turning to them for practice and training reasons. 

Here are 8 reasons why you should switch to online digital books & worksheets

  • One App, Many Worksheets: Online worksheets are portable and lightweight, and travel-friendly. Instead of carrying several heavy books, use one online website that contains thousands of worksheets. It saves a lot of room in both your house and your bag. Students profit the most from it since they no longer have to lug a bag full of books about with them every day. It enables the user to access many worksheets on the mobile phone many more than anyone can practice in a lifetime.
  • Easily accessible: On our platform, worksheets can be generated, customized, and downloaded per your requirement. Students and teachers can access them either at home, school, or on the road. Unlike physical books, worksheets need not be ordered or purchased from a bookshop. One doesn’t need to wait for delivery or travel to the bookstore. With one just click, you can download the free pdf and access any worksheet at any time and from any location.
  • Easily Updated: The online app worksheet contents are primarily cloud-based, which means they may be updated at any moment. Users will always find the most recent and updated digital content on the worksheets. Kiddoworksheets proactively update new worksheets so that kids don’t feel bored or read the same content forever.
  • Shareable Worksheets: Not just travel-friendly but also shareable. The worksheets available on our website can be shared with people just like any other transferable file. Not just one, but hundreds and thousands of people can access to same worksheets using our website. Our AI worksheet generator is kids friendly, too, so they can share it among their peer groups whenever they plan a study group or play date.
  • Integrated Experience: Integration has elevated the online worksheet experience to new heights. Nowadays, texts and photos are supplemented with a three-dimensional visual that appears on the user’s screen. Readers may examine a computer-generated 3D representation of the image, doing reading and learning more immersive. Many educational institutions and organizations are incorporating this technology into their e-Learning programs to improve the students’ experience.
  • Stress-free Eyes: These days, websites include capabilities that allow you to change the screen’s brightness based on the time of day and your preferences. Many websites also have a read in the dark, with lights that won’t strain your eyes or disturb others around you. Users may also alter the text typefaces. They can change the text size. Essentially, our online worksheets guarantee that your eyes are well-cared for.
  • Books Alternative: Online worksheets are an excellent alternative for saving publishers money on printing costs. Every year, around 2.2 million books are published, which necessitates approximately 3 million trees. If the printed books were replaced with digital worksheets, all of those trees and forests might be saved from being cut down. Aside from chopping down trees, it also contributes to the carbon footprint by transporting raw materials, manufacturing the mill, and final shipment. With the aid of online worksheets, all of these steps can be taken effectively. Therefore, online worksheets are healthier for the environment in general. 
  • Long-Term Affordability: Online worksheets are far less expensive than printed books. Because there isn’t as much pre-production as there is in printed books, there are no book covers, no paper printing, no packing costs, and no shipping costs. As a result, it eventually becomes considerably less expensive than a printed book. So, instead of spending money on physical books, investing in online worksheets can save money. Online worksheets already have an advantage in terms of user engagement, thanks to integrated technology and inter-activities. They are also cost-effective for both the students, parents, and teachers.

You’re online friendly!! 

Print books will always have a traditional value. Still, online worksheets will change the reading and learning experience in the coming future.

KiddoWorksheets have far more to offer than traditional books. You can download pre-prepared worksheets or can customize them as per your grade and material requirement.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to take an intelligent call for your kids and students and make them tech-savvy too. Visit kiddoworksheets.com to learn more and innovate more!

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