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Are you looking for some fun toddler activities you can do at home?

Then this is the perfect location for you! Toddlers are highly active, and keeping them entertained can be challenging. Fortunately, there are simple ways to redirect their energy into something productive.

We understand how difficult it is to arrange a day’s work of activities for your toddler. So, here are some simple solutions that will provide hours of playtime with relatively little effort.

Indoor Activities for Toddlers:

  1. Making a Multicolored Face Mask: Learn how to make a mask out of an A4 sheet or plain paper. On such a paper, draw an animal or superhero face and cut holes for eyes. Allow your child to color it before attaching a straw to it so that they can then hold it in front of their faces.
  1. Create a photo album together: Get some cute family photos and a notebook or pad, then just let your kid paste the images together.
  1. Be creative with Cardboard Cards: Get an old shoebox or a large parcel box for your child. It may appear simple, but they will find many uses for it. Allow their imaginations to go free. A train, a car, a plane, a house, a hat, a drum, or maybe even a hiding place can all be created from a cardboard box.
  1. Memory game: Make a list of 25 common household items. Show them to your youngster for 2 to 5 minutes before covering them with a cloth. See how many they can correctly identify.
  1. Play a board game: Board games are a great way to gather the whole family together. Snakes and ladders or a ludo game are easy enough for your minor child to play.
  1. Dance Party:  Dancing to your child’s favorite rhyme songs may help them to develop their energy. It will also help boost a child’s self-awareness ability if you encourage them to be active each day with dance. You can also join them, which will help them in becoming more involved in groups.
  1. Bedroom art:  Buy some decorations for them to hang in their room. All you want is some glue and some colored paper to craft a paper chain. Additionally, you can draw stars and other shapes and then attach them.
  1. Sock Puppets: It’s a simple handmade activity. Search around for any lonely, single socks. Draw characters with colors and cut a mouth using scissors. With your sock puppets, you can set a puppet show. It will motivate your child to participate in stage performances and storytelling.
  1. Play Dress-Up: Gather a collection of old clothes and allow your youngster to dress up. You can also participate in the game. Take any old hats, shoes, beads, or clothing that you have around.
  1. Send a letter or drawing: Ask your child to write a letter or draw a picture and send it to a relative. It will support your child in improving their writing and drawing abilities.

Kiddo Worksheets provide various free mind engaging activities for your toddlers:

  • Alphabetical Worksheet: You’ll find a selection of uppercase and lowercase alphabetical worksheets. The large collection of free printable alphabet worksheets is perfect for kids in preschool and kindergarten.
  • Colouring Worksheet: Our color worksheets will simply motivate toddlers to be very active. These color worksheets are an excellent way to assist kids in improving their mental focus and come up with new ideas.
  • Number Worksheet: These worksheets can help your kids learn writing numbers. Words, ordinal numbers, odd, and even numbers are used to communicate numerical concepts. It will assist your children in understanding, reading, counting, and writing numbers.
  • Vocabulary Worksheet: Word Search, Crossword Puzzle, Spelling Word Scramble, and Match Picture with Words are among the many free printable Vocabulary worksheets available on our website. Children can benefit from all these activities as they expand their vocabulary.
  • Dot-to-Dot Worksheet: You can find a large number of free Dot to Dot Worksheet exercises that will help your children practice number counting and connecting dotted numbers to form a complete picture.
  • General Knowledge Worksheet: Plants and Animals, Weather and Seasons, Science, and other topics are covered in a fun and game-like format in our General Knowledge (GK) worksheets.
  • Flashcards: Alphabets, Numbers, Colors, Shapes, Animals, Flags, Transportation, Fruits, Flowers, Vegetables, Weather, and much more are among the topics covered by our free printable flashcards. It will help your child in strengthening their memory and attention.
  • Telling Time Worksheets: Our free worksheets cover topics such as time recognition, matching time, and drawing hands on clocks. It will aid your child in learning how to read the clock’s first and second hands.
  • Patterns Worksheets: We have a large selection of free printable pattern worksheets for kids in preschool and kindergarten. These worksheets will help your children practice pattern recognition skills such as recognizing fruits and animals. 
  • Maths Worksheet: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and counting are arithmetic topics that these free printable worksheets may aid with. Students, teachers, and parents will benefit from these math exercises.

Let’s put an end to your kid’s boredom!

Worksheets, flashcards, and the other indoor activities indicated above are essential for youngsters because they keep them busy.

Long-term use of video games and online courses can harm your child’s health. As a result, always find some offline mode activities to keep them occupied.

Kiddo Worksheets are always an excellent way to keep children in the balance.

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